Store, create and authenticate electronic documentary evidence

OnLock can help


If you need to document, Workplace Bullying Institute recommends you give OnLock a try!

Organize and authenticate your personal legal documents without worrying about someone finding them on your computer. Share them with your attorney securely via OnLock’s Legal Link. Learn more

Protect your interests

You need to claim back your security deposit

With OnLock you can make verifiable records of issues with the property from the moment you moved in.

Easily upload and authenticate records, photos and videos as tamper-proof evidence with OnLock. With GPS-tagged photos and videos, prove the condition of the apartment. Use Mail OnLock to prove your emails to the landlord were delivered and actually read. Use time-stamped Journal to keep track of your interactions, such as how long it really took to get something fixed. OnLock could help you get that security deposit back! Start your free trial

Do not miss out

You had no choice but apply for a divorce

Keeping a journal and authenticating your evidence as time-stamped with OnLock’s patented technology for digital authentication can increase your chances for success.

Enhance the admissibility and credibility of your digital evidence. Learn more

Preparation is key

You are preparing for an unexpected divorce

More than just an online dropbox, OnLock authenticates your digital evidence in preparation for a matrimonial case.

Your potential evidence is time-stamped and verifiable with a certificate of authentication to print or share. Learn more


“OnLock’s suite for digital authentication allows a broad range of digital materials to be automatically stored, created and shared within and without OnLock’s secure data environment. OnLock’s suite accommodates a much wider variety of file types and sizes than those of other vendors.”

– Joshua Graubart, P.C. Chair, the Information Technology Law Committee at the New York City Bar Association

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